Regenerative Endodontics

When teeth pulp devitalizes due to advanced caries or trauma, and the tooth is immature and the root apex is not fully formed, there are 2 ways to treat this:


Apexification whereafter the canal is cleaned, a bioceremic material like MTA is placed as a solid plug in the apical foramen area. The canal is then sealed and restored.
Pre -Op Radiograph showing apical infection and open apex on tooth number 29
Post -Op Radiograph after apexification of tooth number 29
Post-Op Radiograph of tooth number 29 after one year showing good healing

Regenerative Endodontics

Regenerative Endodontics is a new treatment procedure where after the canal is cleaned and disinfected, bleeding is introduce into the canal by poking at the apical tissue beyond the apical foramen. The access is then sealed off. With time the blood clot differentiates into dento-pulpal complex and root continues to form and mature.
Pre -Op Radiograph showing apical infection and open apex on tooth number 29.
Post op radiograph immediately after regenerative endodontic procedure is completed on tooth number 29
2 years post regenerative endontic porcedures, on tooth number 29 showing good apical healing. Notice the canal became much more narrow and also calcified.

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