Root Dilacerations

Below are 2 cases of moderate to severe root dilacerations. It is thought that root dilacerations may be cause by trauma, (be it infection or physical) to the forming tooth bud during its formation.

Case 1

This is a 14 years old female who presented to the office complaining of occasional biting discomfort and a “pimple” on her gums. A sinus tract was noted on the mid buccal of the tooth.

Diagnosis was necrotic pulp with acute apical suppurative abscess: RCT was recommended and completed in 2 visits. At the completion appointment, the sinus tract had healed.

Case 2

Southeast Asian male with caries exposure of #15. Previous dental history of wisdom tooth removal. Diagnosis was carious exposure and asymptomatic irreversible pulpitis. Normal apex. However, noted distal bone lost.


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